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Steve Rosen founded PolarLight in 1996. Steve has architected both software products and custom applications, with almost 20 years of software engineering experience at many leading enterprises, including Sony, Chevron and PG&E. Steve earned a BS degree from UCLA.

Steve's passions are QUALITY and INFRASTRUCTURE, as well as ARCHITECTURE and DESIGN. He is obsessed with the proper layering and partitioning of software.

The excellence of Steve's software has been consistently recognized at every company he has worked for. He builds testability and maintainability into his software and spends lots of time up-front working on the design and architecture issues, which is where many software engineers spend too little time.

Steve has had a lot of experience in the last several years with web-based projects, including the design and implementation of numerous web sites He has gained a lot of knowledge about the web and carefully studied what does and doesn't work on the web. He has also learned a voluminous amount of information about search engines and understands how to help achieve a good ranking for your site's primary keywords. He has also studied how to market and promote your web site - a great web site created by PolarLight will go nowhere unless it's also properly marketed and promoted - and this is something that Steve knows well.

Please contact Steve at (831) 566-6828 or steverosen [[at]] polarlight [[dot]] com to find out how he can use his knowledge and understanding of the web to help you achieve your online objectives. Steve is famous for providing a lot of free time and energy, helping people to solve their problems. He would be more than delighted to give you advice and insights on the state of the web today and tomorrow. Give him a call or just send him an e-mail - he'll respond immediately.


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