Web Site Promotion
What does Promotion mean?

"Promotion" of your web site means figuring out how to create a sense of branding for your company. You want people browsing around on the web to not only find your web site, but to also remember who you are.

PolarLight can help you perform the critical task of "promoting" your web site. One form of promotion involves figuring out how people on the web can find you. Search engines are one of the primary methods people use for finding web sites that have the information they need. This is discussed in more detail in the Marketing section.

However, there are many other ways to promote your web site, including the following:

  • Banner ad creation and participation in Banner Exchange programs
  • Participation in Affiliate Programs with various brand sites, such as Amazon.com
  • Giving your visitors a good reason to re-visit your site
  • Proper use of mailing lists to advertise your existence
  • Appropriate participation in selected newsgroup discussions
  • Establishing cross-links on the web with other relevant sites
  • Creating your own mailing list by developing your own newsletter
  • Using traditional promotional techniques, such as press releases and other media ads

Sample Banner Ad for CoBraPro, Inc.

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