Web Site Marketing
What does Marketing mean?

"Marketing" your web site means figuring out how people browsing around on the web are going to find your web site, as opposed to one of your competitor's web sites. Or, if you're simply a source of information (and not trying to sell something), you still want people to find you.

PolarLight can help you perform the critical task of "marketing" your web site. One of the primary ways people find web sites is by using search engines. There are 15 search engines that are currently worth getting listed on. These include:

AltaVista Excite/AOL NetFind GoTo.com
HotBot InfoSeek LookSmart
Lycos Magellan Netscape Netcenter
NorthernLight PlanetSearch Snap
Thunderstone WebCrawler Yahoo!

Getting a good position on these search engines is NOT accidental! It is possible to get yourself a Page 1 ranking (showing up within the first 10 positions) for a number of your web site's crucial keywords.

But, getting this good position requires an understanding of how these search engines work. PolarLight has invested a lot of time researching how to achieve a good position on these search engines. In fact, this is how you probably found us!

To demonstrate, let's take a look at some results for a couple of our clients:

Search Engine Results for CoBraPro, Inc.

CoBraPro, Inc. makes unique and whimsical weather vanes, with their cat weather vane and dog weather vane being their best sellers. So, they wanted to make sure they showed up well for the keywords "weather vanes", "cat weather vanes", and "dog weather vanes".

We felt they should also go for another common spelling of "weather vanes", which is "weathervanes" (one word). So, this meant adding "cat weathervanes" and "dog weathervanes" to the list.

And, since some people can't spel very well, we also suggested adding another couple of variations, namely "whether vanes", "whethervanes", "wether vanes", and "wethervanes". You'd be surprised at how many people actually used these spellings for conducting their searches. Guess what? If someone does misspell a word like "weather vanes", it would sure be nice if your site showed up in the list of hits by the search engine that was being used! Well, CoBraPro, Inc. has the distinction of being one of the ONLY web sites to show up for these misspellings. Talk about having a captive audience!

We also optimized their web site to allow them to be found when someone used the singular forms of their keywords ("weather vane" and "weathervane"). This is often an overlooked aspect of search engines - some are better about looking for matches on the singular and plural version of keywords, but some are not very good about this aspect of searching. Why take a chance? It's best to cover all the possible bases.

Click here to see a Keyword Report for CoBraPro, Inc. that shows how a number of their critical keywords are positioned on several of the major search engines. In particular, notice that we achieved a Page 1 ranking for CoBraPro, Inc. on the Yahoo! directory for their most important keywords - "weather vanes", "weather vane", "weathervanes", and "weathervane". Since Yahoo! is the number one place where people start searching on the web, having a high ranking on their directory will result in a large increase in the traffic to your web site. This is exactly what happened for the CoBraPro, Inc. web site. In fact, most of their sales have come directly from people that found them through Yahoo!

And, it was PolarLight that suggested the new category "Weathervanes" to Yahoo! when we submitted the CoBraPro, Inc. site for inclusion in their directory. Before CoBraPro, Inc. was added to Yahoo!, this category did not exist. This shows the kind of time and attention that PolarLight will devote to helping your web site succeed!

If you've looked at the Keyword Report for CoBraPro, Inc., you probably noticed that they did not achieve a Page 1 ranking for all of their keywords on all of the search engines that were shown in the report. Why? Because it's very difficult to achieve this goal. However, we have learned most of the secrets for achieving superior results on all the major search engines. As one of our services, PolarLight will provide a weekly report to you, showing how you are faring on the different major search engines for all of your web site's keywords.


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