Web Site Design
What does Design mean?

"Designing" your web site means figuring out how visitors to your site (for more on how this happens, see Marketing and Promotion ) will find the information they are searching for and how easy they can navigate through your site.

There are many clues that can give your visitors very strong hints about what they will find when they click on a link. You don't want to surprise them with something unexpected. You also want to make sure they never get "lost" while browsing around on your site. And, if you have something to sell, you want to make sure purchasing your products is simple and intuitive.

PolarLight can help you perform the critical task of "designing" your web site. We have spent thousands of hours on the web, searching for the best ideas to help people find information and products. We think we have done an excellent job of building web sites that consistently get good remarks from the visitors to those sites.

Creating a good design for your web site is NOT accidental! It takes dedicated time and thought, and we make sure that you are intimately involved in the process of determing what your site will look like and feel like to your visitors.

And if you have something to sell at your site, we can help you build an efficient and pleasant online store, complete with our own PolarLight Starcart shopping cart system. Our shopping cart system is fast and efficient, providing your customers with a very pleasant experience as they purchase your products. And, our order form is very thorough, gently guiding your customers to properly fill out all the information needed to process their order.


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