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Pricing Information for Web Services

We intentionally do not publish exact prices because every project we do is completely custom and every client has very different goals and needs.

However, here are some general guidelines for you, so you can decide if we're even in the ballpark for what you are looking for:

Generally, to create a small "mom-and-pop" online store that resembles the PolarLight StarCart Demo Site, you can figure on somewhere between $1000 and $2000 - it mostly depends on how many features you want for the site. And that includes a license for the StarCart shopping cart system! Note that you get a Secure Server option with the shopping cart system. Our specialty is the smaller online stores, where the number of products is in the dozens (up to about a hundred), as opposed to hundreds or thousands of products.

Separate from the design and building of the web site is the marketing and promotion. We always tell our clients to figure that whatever they spend for building their initial web site will be about what they should budget for the Marketing and Promotion.

Of course, you can do the Marketing and Promotion of your new site by yourself, but we have a lot of experience with this aspect of the web, as our portfolio of clients will testify to. And, we'd be delighted to provide references, if you'd like. Our clients always get their money's worth from us - and that's what they'll tell you themselves!

For more information with regards to pricing information for your project, just contact us and we'll discuss the needs for your project with a free consultation.

Thank you!


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